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How Instant Loan can Help your Urgent Needs?

Instant Personal Loan

Regardless of whether you’re running short of cash for a wedding, putting your house under basic renovation or pre-planning a weekend get-away, an instant personal loan can empower you to realize these goals and substantially more. An instant loan is a preferred path to augment your finances to help & support individual wants, without diving

Save Your Expenses the Right Way

Savings Tips

Being always under money related strain influences one’s way of life, as well as it can have a fairly alarming effect on one’s psychological wellness moreover. This is the reason we prescribe that you begin managing your money related issues when you see them. In this way, in the event that you are hoping to

Plan Your EMIs Wisely

How to Plan EMI's

When you get a credit, paying back the sum can, once in a while, be a tiring task. Large loan amounts are generally paid back as Equated Monthly Installments or EMIs. Much of the time, individuals pay the weighty initial installment by obtaining from different sources, and with regards to EMIs, an imprint is made

Everything You Need to Know About Bad Credit Score

Bad Credit Score

When we are talking about credit – the level of trust business organizations have that you’ll repay the money you have borrowed – you can either have a good credit score or a bad credit score. Here is what we shall discuss if you have bad credit score and what you can do to really

How Much Salary do you Need to be eligible for an Instant Personal Loan?

personal loan on salary

In life, you may experience financial deficits at different points. Some of those could be totally unresolved. So, what do you do then? Do not exhaust your investments before maturity, or approach local vendors for quick cash. Here, a personal loan is a good choice to meet your daily financial needs. Through this article, you

Small Business Loan Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Small Business Loan Guide

It all started with the Digital India initiative where the start-ups weren’t given a push. A new line of youngsters have risen in India who choose to work independently then be in a secure, stable job of a top-notch company. These young minds have path breaking ideas & the perseverance to make it big. However

6 Major Pros and Cons of Refinancing Student Loans

Pros and Cons of Refinance Student Loans

Whenever you’re wishing to lower your interest rates & save some money, it’s favorable to use student loan refinancing. Though, refinancing is not the best option to choose from. So before taking a decision, weigh the pros & cons of refinancing carefully.  Refinancing basically means converting existing loans into newer ones. Take a glance to understand the

6 Top Benefits of Online Payments

Online Banking

Online banking has allowed quick payments, sitting back in leisure at home. So, whether you wish to send cash for your mothers treatment or treat yourself on your birthday, everything’s just a click away. Do you still think of those times when you had to physically walk up-to a bank & deposit a cheque for

A Personal Loan to Pay off Credit Bills- Is it a wise decision?

personal loan to pay off debts

Everyone wants to have an overflowing stream of cash to spend whenever, wherever you want. Here, credit cards play an important role when you’re low on cash & cards offer a slightly higher limit than your capacity. Carrying multiple credit cards is clearly becoming the new norm and also symbolic of societal status. However, it’s

5 Things ‘To Do’ Before a Closing Credit Card

Credit Card Closure Tips

Don’t even think about canceling that card before you do these five things.  Canceling unused credit cards can free up room in your wallet and give identity thieves one less way to come after you, but it’s not as simple as you might think. There are some loose ends you have to tie up before

How to Apply for Collateral-Free Personal Loan?

Collateral free Personal Loan

Collateral-free personal loans spare you of the trouble of foregoing your valuable personal assets  in exchange for loan money. They are instant to apply for, get approved and receive disbursal as well since there’s no need for asset evaluation at all. Many banks and NBFCs offer collateral free personal loan to service your financial commitments

Should You Apply For an Instant Personal Loan Online Or Offline?

Online Personal loan

There are the situations which compel you to choose personal loans for meeting your financial goals. This happens usually when you’re in a dearth of money. Today, we can find a personal loan at the comfort of our homes, with just a click of a button. In-fact, even the disbursal takes a few hours to

How Much Can you Loan a Family Member?

loan to family member tax implications India

This is a purely subjective matter. If you’ve got the financial means, you may want to reckon giving money to family members with no strings attached. For this financial year, family members can lend as much as they like as an individual without triggering gift tax laws. Loan to Family member Tax Implications India Does any loan to a family

5 Reasons to Get a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

Whenever you’re considering a business loan, it’s quite common to hear different opinions on its application & use. Everyone will have a story to narrate in relevance to funding a new startup.   Though, you do not need to pay attention to all hearsays. Of course, taking a loan to start up your venture may or may not sound suitable due

How do Credit Cards Work and What to Know?

How Credit Card Works

A credit card is a convenient mode of payment made of plastic that allows you to make purchases online/ offline without parting cash. So, how does a credit card work?  Let’s examine a credit card closely. What are the dimensions to a credit card:  Unique identifier   Expiry date  Name of the holder  Logo of Visa or Mastercard   On the backside of the credit card is:  Magnetic chip  CVV

How to Get a Personal loan in 3 Steps?

Home Credit Personal loan Online

In that one life you have, wish for all that you can. After dreaming for the assets of your choice, it’s important to understand your financial boundaries. One may or may not have the pocket to even afford the basic assets or your long standing wishes. That is when personal loans can play a significant

Top 3 Tips for Reducing your Credit Card Debt Faster

How to reduce Credit Card Debt

Are you thinking of ways to pay off your credit card debt faster? We’ve consolidated ways to pay back your credit card dues and stay out of a debt trap. Set up a realistic goal: To start, It’s important to set up realistic goals so that you successfully pay off high interest credit card bills

Best Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

Tips to Save Money on Engagement Ring

Are of scared of wasting too much money? Are you confused about the available choices?   You can immensely save on your engagement ring by ensuring that you don’t overpay for a feature that’s not important. Essentially buy your diamond from a reputable showroom/vendor.  Saving your money is an excellent practice however while buying an engagement ring, you can let go! A few small sacrifices can really make

Top 5 Money Saving Apps That Everyone Should Consider

Top Money Saving Apps

In the world of tech-savvy, people want to manage their whole lives sitting at home, through a single screen. This is suitable to even manage your earned money at the click of a button. How wonderful would it be to keep seated & do what you like the most at home while you’re income gets proportionately used? 

What is Personal Finance and Why is it Important?

Personal Finance

The question of personal finance is important for all working class people. This is a major problem with a large chunk of financial illiterates. Every piece of information helps to increase finance related knowledge including financial products, effective budgeting and retirement funds to build a financially secure future. Unfortunately, study shows how most lack the

Can You Have Too Many Credit Cards?

Better way to Use Credit Card

Your credit score is an essential component of your overall financial health, so it’s important to make sure you don’t do anything that could damage it. If you always make your debt payments on time and keep your credit card balances low, your score will generally be in good shape. Having multiple credit cards won’t necessarily hurt

Free Credit Report: Is It Really Free?

Free Credit Report

Nowadays, in and around the financial environment, every lender looks at your credit score before considering your borrower profile. On the basis of credit history, it’s much easier to assess the potential risk of losses/default. This is exactly why borrowers are looking forward to finding out their credit score & for free. However, it’s important to stay cautious & keep a few pointers in mind.  Avoid being trapped 

Burn your Financial Worries with Home Credit Personal Loan Offer

This Diwali, take a pledge to get rid of all the financial worries cornering you off the usual duties in life. With festivities around, its best to keep everything within a fixed budget. Ofcourse, a financially strong backup helps to live peacefully & celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm. This is an addition to securing a

This Diwali, Double your happiness with Home Credit Personal Loan Offers


The most loved festival of the year Diwali is approaching. This year 2020, Diwali falls on the 13th & 14th November. Around this time of the year, you prepare your elaborate shopping lists to celebrate in the most magnificent way. This festival has been marked as the most loved ones & even people living abroad

How to get Instant Personal loan in Bhopal

Instant Personal Loan in Bhopal

Bhopal is known to be the city surrounded by water bodies both natural & man-made. It is the great capital of central India located Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the eventful locations with historical importance like the tribal museum, state museum, Jama Masjid, Gauhar Mahal, Dhai Seedi Ki Masjid etc. It is also the hub for a few prestigious colleges like The National Law Institute University, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Maulana Azad National

What is Eligibility Criteria for Small Business Loan in Agra?

Eligibility Criteria for Small Business Loan in Agra

Agra is the city of Architectural greatness where many small businesses have found their hold. Taking a personal loan can be extremely useful for small set-ups or budding ideas to meet working capital needs. It is quite possible to realize the costs at later times when it bundles up to a deficit. Costs spent on a business can be way more than expected. Whether it’s a small or

How to Apply for Small Business Loan in Lucknow?

Small Business Loan In Lucknow

Do it as the Lucknowi Nawabs do! They like to live larger than life, meaning a grand stature of living. Exactly this is the notion they carry with themselves in everything they do. And even the youngsters follow the same to approach. They are smart, intelligent & hardworking and like to take calculated risks to

How to Apply for Online for Personal Loan in Gurgaon

Personal Loan in Gurgaon

Home Credit is a leading personal loan provider in the fastest moving financial market. It has its niche in consumer durables, mobile loans, two-wheeler loans, home appliances, so on and so forth.  The process at offer is for simple & easy approval. Home Credit positions itself as a responsible and active participant. Home Credit Personal Loans

5 Tips to Get Personal loan in Ahmedabad

Instant Personal loan In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a vibrant commercial center and a growing hub of education, information and culture. It is giving wings to many young aspirants in the city who want to rise & shine. And not everyone has the financial capacity to straight away pump in cash. Here as a simple rule of thumb, you should get as

Is a High CIBIL score helpful to get a Personal Loan?

cibil score for loan approval

A personal loan may sound muddle up your mind a little. However, it’s one of the most popular borrowings for individuals wanting quick money to meet a wide variety of reasons, whether personal or professional. This unsecured, collateral-free loan makes it supremely important for lenders to ensure that their creditworthiness keeps intact. So here, the lenders are mindful of your credibility and past history and verify the

Best Small Business Loans in Kolkata

Small business Loan Online

Kolkata has reached a commercially viable status in an extremely short span of time. It is emerging as the financial market leader in the country. A major part of the buildup is contributed by the micro, small and medium companies of the country. The small and medium scale enterprises bestowed upon with 40% of the

How Much Personal Loan Can You Qualify For your Salary?

Personal loan eligibility

Personal loans are the one stop solution for all your financial needs as and when they strike you. Since this financing option is collateral free, lenders do not expect any security against the loan money. This is exactly why these loans have a relatively higher rate of interest as compared to other loans. Personal loans

Remote Working Tips For Parents Working From Home

Remote Working Tips for Parents Working from Home

Our lives have literally changed during this self-imposed quarantine & Covid 19 pandemic. It’s probably the worst to happen to all of us being so social & people friendly. The national tragedy has been constantly shaping our temperaments, lifestyles, ideologies, etc. Also leaving the corporate giants to formally recognize work from home as the latest way of working. This must be accepted as the “new normal”.  This convenient

Facts about Covid-19 Personal Loan Scheme

COVID 19 Personal loan

The COVID 19 pandemic has left people around the world flabbergasted. It has impacted them physically, financially, psychologically & socially. Everyone’s looking for alternatives to carry on lives ordinarily, with the basic essentials met up at-least. In-fact, they are also considering the option to borrow money from banking institutions/NBFCs. Facts about COVID 19 Personal Loan

Is it good to apply for Online Personal Loans from multiple lenders?

Online Personal Loan from Multiple Lenders

Yes, Indeed. It is possible to borrow simultaneously from two different banks.   There is a huge possibility that you’ve borrowed once, however, the sanctioned amount does not meet your end. Your approved loan amount depends on a huge plethora of factors and hence may or may not guarantee an estimated amount.  When you apply after

Should you become a Loan Guarantor?

Loan Application checklist

Being a loan guarantor for your friend or family members could be a generous move, however any  default or skip can put you in a tight financial spot. Let’s take a look at the financial responsibilities of a loan guarantor. By accepting to be a guarantor for a loan, you are assuring the lender of

How to improve your Personal Loan Application?

Personal loan

Of course, we understand that one personal loan application is built upon on a long string of expectations. So, an upfront rejection will be strangely admitted. Although, there’s no guarantee for foolproof approval of your loan application, yet you can look at a few ‘to dos’ to enhance your chances. Tips to get an Higher

Personal Loan in 24 Hours – Is it Possible?

Instant Personal Loan

Whenever you have an urgent need, personal loans are the way to go! Personal loan application has been made possible with an easy flight of steps. Nowadays, this form of loan is the quickest and simplest, considering the automation integrated into the system. Below Highlighted are the 5 steps to Apply for a Personal Loan

MSME Pump up – Digital Transformation for Growth

Digital Transformation in MSME

The era of digitalization has been changing leaps and bounds, reaching newer heights every day. Initially, the cost of digital technology was quite high & could only be afforded by big fat companies. Today, it’s not at all costly & can be used at both small & large scale levels. And the biggest contribution made has been by Internet Giants like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc to expand the reach of

What does a Bank/NBFC look for giving a Small Business loan?

Small business loan online

Loan financing can be extremely crucial to mark success in a business. This loan amount can be used to consolidate debt, finance expansion of the company, so on and so forth. To be eligible for a small business loan, any Bank/NBFC looks at a few aspects thoroughly, namely capacity, collateral, capital, character and conditions. If

Small Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs in India

Small Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

Today’s generation is extremely enterprising in its thinking and ideas. So are women! The financial system looks to be pumping equality between men and women. A large portion of the women workforce is bending towards independent careers and making it big through startup ventures. Here, the Indian economy is greatly encouraging the women entrepreneurs to build an empire of their own.    Women

Top 5 Tax Benefits on Small Business Loans in India

Tax benefits on Business Loan

If you’re planning to avail a small business loan, then you must be sure about its impact on your next year’s taxes. Let’s clearly understand that business loans are tax-deductible! The effect of small business loans does not change your taxable income. It stays the same fundamentally. As per the Income Tax Act 1961, adding money

Checklist for a Small Business Loan Application

Checklist for Small Business Loan

Taking a small business loan from a reputed lender may increase your chances of quick loan approval. Also, you get to share the amount of principal into smaller instalments after the loan has been disbursed. As a good practice, “Always act wisely”. Avoid pairing up with a dubious lender who steals your personal data without disbursing your loan amount. Here are the top 5 things to follow

What to Look for When Comparing Small Business Loan Lenders

Small Business Loan Lenders

We are much ahead of the times where you would only look up to financial institutions like banks for a business loan as a started in the domain. Today, you can most conveniently use the online lending platforms to apply for a small business loan with a short application process & approval & provide business

Top 3 Government Start-up Schemes In India

Government Start-Up Scheme

As per some interesting reports, the number of start-ups have almost multiplied 7X times from 7000 in 2008 to 50,000 in 2018. That’s almost unbelievable! We see a spike in innovative launches in field of artificial intelligence, Fin-tech, food, health and more. Now startups are rage in smaller cities as well, besides the tier 1,2

Fast Small-Business Loans haven’t yet heard

Best Small Business Loans

It’s a universal truth that funds are a catalyst to every business set-up, whether it’s big or small. Money funding is significant for all kinds of projects to make a beginning or leave a mark.   Whatever may be your reason to take a loan, every business loan is different. A few will generally have rigid credit standing and documentation procedures which raise the rates of interest. There are

6 Ways to Add Property Value With a Home Renovation Loan

loan for home improvement

When housing prices surge, people start to sell their house. They make up their mind to move to a much cheaper place of residence. And then sometimes they plan to stick to their current residence & put relentless effort to make it easier to live into the same place. Certain improvements can surely be made

Top 3 Advantages of Udyog Aadhaar

Advantages of Udyog Aadhaar

Let’s start with the basic definition of Udyog Aadhaar:  As we already know about the contribution of small and medium businesses (MSME industry) towards India. These companies play a significant role in increasing the GDP & boosting the Indian economy  Today, several schemes are run by the government for small starters & entrepreneurs.   The basic intention is to promote small scale companies and expedite its financial progress to avoid shutdown or loss-making

How Can you Save Money with Coupons?

Save Money while Online Shopping

Usually making use of coupons may not necessarily be advisable. Why? This may not be the most authentic way to cut down on your overall expenses. We can only endorse their use in a few situations. It’s important to bring coupons in use as and when you’re going to buy essentials so that judiciously use