Best Lenders for SuperMoney in 2019

A personal loan is a versatile loan type which helps individuals to realize their long pending/ quick financial needs. However, it is given out based on the past credit transactions and the financial boundaries of an individual. One specific benefit of a personal loan is the ability to distribute the personal loan as per the requirement. Repayment (EMIs) done as per the predefined tenure are evenly spread out. The tenure of a personal loan is always fixed at the time choosing a loan. Alongside is determined based on the credit score of the individual. To be eligible for an instant personal loan, an individual must:
  • Be an Indian resident
  • Fall in the age bracket between 21-65 years during loan application.
  • Be employed with a fixed monthly income of Rs. 25,000 or above. This income range is generic in nature; this can vary from one city to another. However, the minimum monthly income varies according to the area and is generally higher in metro cities.
  • Have a minimum work ex of 3 years for businessmen and 1 year for working class.
  • Have a credit score of 750 or over
Highlighted below are the Best 5 Lenders for Instant Personal Loan: Often, you face financial crisis, here are times when you are going through a cash crunch and are in dire need of cash. Banks and other credit institutions may not be the most viable options as they take time to process loans. In such cases, instant personal loan apps may be the best option as they provide instant and hassle-free loans. Check the apps listed below to get instant personal loans: Home credit India: HomeCredit India provides instant personal loan upto Rs. 2,00,000. The loan amount starts from Rs. 25,000 and offers an 100 % online facility. IndiaBulls Dhani: India Bulls Dhani is spearheading the lending market in India. It offers the best personal loan starting from Rs.1000 till Rs.15 lakhs. It is easily downloadable on iOS and Android. Individuals who meet all the criteria have the money instantly into their accounts. PayMe India: PayMe India finances all your short term money needs. PayMe provides two types of services: advance salary and loan advisory. Advance salary makes up for the short term financial needs of an individual. Whereas loan advisory takes care of the pending debts that may be approved on higher rate of interests. Credy technologies: Credy technologies is an instant app for personal loans. Credy is a certified peer lending platform. It ensures a personal loan for all emergency purposes like credit card bills, refinancing high interest loans etc. This is an excellent platform for investment exchange. Kredit Bee: Kredit Bee is considered wonderful as a personal loan app. An individual over and above 18 years can have a personal loan from Kredit Bee ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 1 Lakh. The approval and disbursement takes no more than 24 hours. And the money gets quickly transferred. Applying for a personal loan is easy and instant. Getting superfast cash has become convenient and seamless! The online personal loan process saves the pressure of managing a huge stack of documents. It is simpler than before specially if you maintain an account with the bank/financial institution which is sponsoring your instant personal loan. Also read: Get more insight on Personal Loan and check out Lenders for Instant Personal Loan.  

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