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How is Home Credit a better option for Small Business Loan?

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India has recently been recognized as the most emerging market in the world. A major part of the buildup is contributed by the micro, small and medium companies of the country. The small and medium scale enterprises bestowed upon with 40% of the total GDP and creates abundant employment opportunities.  India’s growing population is gradually inclining towards entrepreneurial ship.

The Government is also beginning to discern the importance of SMEs and its fast growing spread, in the post-demonetization period. It has started several new business loan schemes and encouraged the existing ones. Not only the government, but the private sector is also investing in the small business finance.

An Alternative: Quick Small Business Loans from Home Credit

While it’s important to know that different initiatives are being launched to support small businesses, SMEs are effortlessly contributing towards developing the economy. Now, the major banks & NBFCs are working hard to make the schemes effective. Most Govt funded schemes were impacting the ‘quick’ factor of the business loans. The turnaround time is in almost in weeks or months, which can be extremely damaging for the small business owners and their work growth.  A few qualified banks and NBFCs are trying to meet expectations of the big idea, small business ventures.

Salient Features of a Home Credit Personal Loan for Small Businesses:

  1. Loan amount upto Rs. 2 Lacs
  2. 0% processing fees
  3. Minimal Documentation
  4. Quick Approval in 5 mins
  5. Immediate Bank Transfer
  6. No Collateral or guarantors
  7. EMI starting low as Rs.1000/-
  8. Flexi repayment options.

On the other hand, Home Credit Personal Loans for Small Businesses guarantee fast approval and quick disbursal in a day. This has been made possible by automation tools and technology boost. Paperwork and age-old processing techniques have been replaced by business analytics and online technologies for loan approval and disbursal. Here, Home Credit promises to offer small business loans through the web/ mobile app. Login to apply for our instant personal loan online. Get the quickest approval and disbursal, after approval of all relevant documents. The process can be easily completed in a matter of minutes, after verification.

Are small business loans readily available?

Business loans are serviceable for both small and large business set ups. This is specifically valuable for small set-ups where money can be the biggest obstruction. It is that injection of money into the venture which needs it the most. Irrespective of the nature of work, finances are tremendously important.

The small business loans from Home Credit can be used for the prompt start or expand operations. We assure you the comfort of quick cash as and when you demand.  For smooth sanctioning of loans, it’s good to know your eligibility, required supporting documents, financial charges against the loan, etc.

So, if you’re ready to fund your startup via loans, then try Home Credit Personal Loans now!

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