Get an Instant Loan Now – See how

Have you been planning a vacation? Are you thinking to surprise your loved ones? Is a new smartphone buy keeping you occupied? So, what is stopping you from realizing these desires?  Whatever your desire is, an instant loan can get you almost everything!

The application process of an instant personal loan is effortless. You can apply directly through our Home Credit App.  Simply fill up the required details and upload the required documents online.

How Banks do not cater well to your needs?

Banks do not provide instant personal loan within a short period of 24-48 hours. This is because banks usually need a couple of weeks to process a loan. In such stuck up situations, people are redirected to local moneylenders and pawnbrokers at spiraling high interest rates of 4-5%. However, pledging your gold jewelry can be a bit too suffocating.

With Home Credit, you can have instant personal loans at a shot. The loan amount is extremely flexible to use, i.e. the credited amount can be spent for anything at all. There are no limitations on how it can be put to use. Just apply now and get instant cash upto 2 lacs approved within 5 minutes.

How is it better than a bank loan?

  • End to end digital process
  • Instant approval and disbursement
  • Customized loans

Home Credit takes care of each and every customer and caters to their emergency cash needs. That is why it is recommended to customize and choose a suitable loan package!

Reasonable Interest Rates

Your interest rates will differ according to the credit score of the individual. Our interest rates start from 1.2% per month. The rates completely depend on the credit score. Higher the score, better it is!


Home Credit provides instant cash loans with the flexibility of selecting the tenure as per convenience. Also, you can get a bigger loan amount to withdraw as you. Just keep your repayments on time, and easily get your cash in account!

Low credit scores accepted

If you do not have a CIBIL score and still need cash, we are there with you!  We’ve got us around! At Home Credit, we are indiscriminate about individuals who need money at critical times. Though, it’s always better if you have a credit score. However, if your history is poor and that you haven’t had a history before, then do not worry!

Personal Loan in a matter of minutes!

Home Credit personal loan is available with the help of a simple application form, that can be completed in a few minutes only.

Fastest Disbursal

Our team of professionals can provide you with the best of services, at all times. Once all the documents are quickly uploaded, a verification takes places and disburses the money. Fast cash upto 2 lacs gets credited within a day!

Bid goodbye to waiting in long queues and lengthy approvals! Just apply for instant loan online and track your application, real time! If everything goes well, your money takes no time to reach you!

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