Marriage Loans: Best 3 Pocket Friendly Wedding Destinations in India

Weddings are quite auspicious in nature. People of India highly place the affair of weddings.  This is one of the distinct reasons that makes people desirous to choose the best.  As a child, we hope to have one of the dreamiest weddings, full of style and glamour. However, weddings can be extremely elaborate to organize in terms of finances and efforts. This makes it unimaginable to plan a king sized wedding.  So, is it that difficult to organize a splendid wedding? Or is it only meant for the money clinching individuals? So, is it about shelling huge heaps of money for grandeur for a dreamy wedding? Of course, individuals strive to make their wedding worthwhile. To top it up, people plan in a manner to invest money into amazing wedding properties. In that sense, destination weddings are always expensive, so it’s better to choose a cost effective yet high ranked venue. To our surprise, destination weddings can be afforded better. So, how to make it possible? This can be ensured by using tactful ideas, a well-defined budget and a personal loan ‘trick’. A personal loan for marriage ensures that you keep calm and cool to plan a lavish wedding for your close ones. Read on to understand the most affordable places where you can bond in the finest manner. The following pointers must be kept in mind to have a well-organized wedding, before we arrive at a destination choice.
  1. Keep your invite list short
  2. Keep your choices within the fixed budget
  3. Pre-fix your dates in accordance to immediate availability.
Below here is a list of best 3 pocket friendly wedding destinations:
  1. Mandu
If you’re intrigued by the royal Rajasthani culture and heritage, then you must think of places near Jaipur & Jodhpur.  Forts in the land of royals can cater to your royal wedding experience at its best. However, these a few expensive places. To have a similar experience, Mandu is the best choice. This is a place in Madhya Pradesh with the charm of a royal land. This place is surrounded by beautiful baths, palaces and unique sightseeing spots. This is as good turning your wedding day into a pious event. This place is filled with immense love and romance. 2. Alibaug If you plan to choose a beach destination for your wedding, then Alibaug comes to your rescue. This remains quite untouched and less discovered as a wedding destination. This place has wonderful beaches, forts and islands to keep you occupied. Inside the place will be the magnificent wedding halls and hotels. This is better over spending extrovertly on overhyped hotels and banquets.  A few places can be easily taken on rent for wedding arrangements. Make your wedding memorable with this pocket friendly destination. 3. Lavasa  If you have love for hills and mountains and need a super comfortable resort, then Lavasa is the place to be. Lavasa can be the ideal choice when hotels and banquets in Pune & Mumbai disturb your budget.  Its called the first man made hill station, and yet continuing to attract tourists for its beauty. Read more: What are the steps to apply for Marriage Loan in India?

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