Need a weekend getaway? 5 top ways to plan a relaxing holiday

Need a weekend getaway? 5 top ways to plan a relaxing holiday

Stepping out of the daily chaos of life and gifting yourself a few days of joy and tranquillity is an absolute must. Taking a holiday and travelling to a favourite destination rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.  This is why we all love to travel to the most beautiful and peaceful destinations. But if for any reason you to fail to organise your trip in a right way, you can end up having a holiday which would be anything but relaxing. Here are 5 ways to have a super relaxing holiday and not crawl back to work in despair.

  1. Be flexible with your itinerary

You don’t have to be too specific and detailed with your schedule. After all, schedules and deadlines are exactly the reason you’re taking a holiday. Also, vacations have way too much space for unplanned events and failed ideas. Hence, you must keep flexible timings and one-two days free so that if you’re not able to keep up with the itinerary on one day, you’ll have a spare day to check it off.

  1. Complete advance research

The more you know, the better it will be for you and for people travelling along with you. From area preferences to food and travel spend, knowing everything beforehand will help you enjoy a much relaxing trip than planning and deciding everything at the last minute.

  1. Travel light

We’ve all been there when we’ve got stuck on our trip because of heavy luggage. Be it at the check-in counters, baggage claim, or when travelling from one city to another, heavy and unnecessary luggage never comes off easy. Therefore, if you’re looking to have a pleasant and relaxing stay, pack the essentials and travel light.

  1. Be realistic and don’t over-do it

It’s very important that you be absolutely realistic about your travel plans. From deciding a destination for holiday, to making advance bookings and also to spare some time enjoy your own company, make sure you haven’t planned anything that you would end up regretting as this will definitely take the entire fun of your vacation away and will leave you with the worst travel blues after it is over.

  1. Consider all your expenses and apply for a loan accordingly

Taking a loan for a vacation might seem a bit unrealistic to some but it’s absolutely not.  Dream vacations mostly come with big expenses and if you are planning to go on one you definitely wouldn’t want to exhaust your credit limits. Today, many digital lenders like Homecredit offer hassle-free, 100 percent online and instant cash loans which get disbursed into your bank accounts within just a few minutes. In addition to this, Homecredit has easy repayment options so that you can plan your instalment plan without putting a burden on your pocket.
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Few things you must keep in mind before applying for a cash loan to enjoy a relaxing vacation

  1. Make an estimation of your entire travel expense, including the travel tickets, stay tickets, food expense, etc. so that the amount you borrow as loan is enough to cover your expenses and you do not exceed your own set limit.
  2. When you’re opting for a cash loan to fund your holiday, make sure you do not go for luxury expenditures and borrow according to your repayment capacity only.
  3. Keep your repayment tenure to be as short as possible so that you’re easily able to balance it out with your monthly budgets. Also, if you take too long to repay the loan, you will have to pay a higher interest and also, you will not be eligible to take further loans in case of any emergency.
  4. Be well informed about the repayment schedule so that you already have your other expenditures in place.


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