Different Needs, One Personal Loan

One loan taken can be used for several purposes. Starting from financing a business project to utilizing funds for wedding shopping. There are a large variety of loans in the market, based on the purpose/use. But then with the long list of loans, how to choose the best?

These loans offered by banks once approved can be used for literally any purpose (Paying for bills, or buying high-end articles etc.). Taking into account that personal loans are unsecured, and can be sanctioned upto your repayment capabilities. Loan providers can easily have checked on a source and require documents like income verification, and other proof of assets to match the amount of loan taken.

It is quite unfortunate that interest rates are quite high on personal loans, however, with the convenience and versatility, it can be used for all short and long term projects.

Online Personal Loans (with high-interest rates), the best way to go is by taking small amounts and repaying in a couple of years.

While there can be many individuals who need funds but its always intelligent to weigh positives and negatives together of personal loans.

Below mentioned are the purposes for which an instant personal loan can be taken:

  1. Loans for paying your Home Installments:

Buying a house can be the easiest type of loan for individuals. Home Credit Personal Loan can get you an easy online loan in a few clicks only.  A tap on your mobile can get you closer to your personal loan for the most user-friendly experience ever within a time period of 12-48 months. Loans can be up to 2 lacs at a minimum installment of as low as 1000.  We are here to enhance your loan application process when you’re in a dire need to repay your house installments on time. However, a home loan can also be considered but then the tenure & interests do not suit always.

  1. Home Improvement & Renovation

Whenever you wish to make changes to your house, it is advisable to take a loan. So if your house needs repair or extra construction, it is better to approach a personal loan. Also, when you get married, a lot of work goes into the house to make it look presentable. There could also be some need for the addition of rooms when a family extends. Personal Loan by Home Credit is easy & simple to apply in an instant.

  1. Investment loans

There are times when you want to start something of your own and are clueless about finances. It could be just as small as kiranas or stationary shop. Every small endeavor can take a big block of money. That is where our Instant Personal Loan comes into the picture with no hidden charges & processing fees. It’s a brilliant investment for small business owners, looking to expand big time.

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USPs of Home Credit Personal Loan:

  1. No processing fees
  2. Instant online approval
  3. EMI starting Rs.1000
  4. Interest starting @ 14%
  5. 100% paperless
  6. Disbursal within a day

The process for Home Credit Personal Loan is Quick, Easy and Transparent. So, hurry up now!

Apply for a personal loan upto 2 lakhs now!

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