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Just another time, autumn is here! This is the season for all the festivities wrapped inside of it and unveiling of one after another. Diwali mood has sprung over into action and it’s time to decide on the gifts and dedicated cash for buying those gifts.  Along with the different festivals in line, comes the greatest challenge of ‘gifting’. The expenditure on gifts (new clothes, bulk candies, appliances, etc.) is usually high and it is crucial to pre-plan this share of spending.
So, are you cash ready for it? Or you haven’t even decided on the cash required and source? If cash crunch is the problem, then you have a bundle of options to choose from.
At this juncture, we generally resonate back to the stream of emails/SMSs that hit our inbox. These are quoted to be ‘festive loans’ by most renowned banks & financial institutions. They offer easy loans at low processing and interest rates, making it ideal for customers to reckon taking personal loans, online.
Various banks & financial institutions consciously create loan buckets to suit different loan requirements of individuals, specifically around the festive season. Many additional charges are further lowered to benefit customers and turning their mood “lit-up”. These offers are specially referred to as ‘festive offers’ and can be temporarily availed.
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Loans offered during the festival season are personal loans with low interest rates. Or sometimes, these are displayed to people in the form of attachments to personal loans. Most banks package their loans in a way that it’s easy to allure prospective individuals into taking a small personal loan.
Today, instant personal loan by banks is easily accessible and ensures all your needs are taken care of.
So, what are the attributes of an ideal Instant Personal Loan?

  1. On-spot loans
  2. No collateral
  3. Instant approval and disbursal
  4. Fast & Easy

Important here is to understand if this is the best option available? Or there’s scope for exploration?
Applying for a personal loan is quite favorable provided it’s pre-planned to ease out repayment. Especially crucial in case of big value items like appliances, jewelery, etc. where your usual salary is not enough. Additionally, renovation can also be looked at with instant personal loans. Amidst the Diwali hoopla, we mostly have been advised to keep our houses tidy and clean which also includes the long pending repair and maintenance. So if you’re looking to redo your house this month, then stop thinking now! Prepare financially with instant cash loans and remodel your sweet home quickly.
Once you have considered taking a loan, it’s important to take notice of a few things:

  • EMIs are indispensable: The loan amount once taken cannot be reversed. It stays till the time the loan amount is not recovered with interest. It cannot be dodged in any case, whatsoever. The monthly amount is payable regularly along with the side expenses.
  • Do not be wrongly enticed by probable “good offers”: It’s very important to be on your toes and analyze the exact loan amount payable. Good offers would be the ones that bring your overall cost to minimum.

Apart from personal loan, one can also opt for consumer durable loans. Since personal loans have slightly higher interest rates, people directly route towards consumer durable loan. One must choose the loan option based on the type of expense and the like. Whenever the items on the list are mostly appliances and electronics, its best to go for specific product loans. At least, these loans are fetched at low interest rates compared to personal loans.
To understand it better, prepare a comparative study of the possible financing options, this Diwali. Be smart, act responsible! Its festive time, so grab the best offers without delay.
Hurry up and add to your festive mood today! Apply for an instant personal loan.

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