Pre-determinants to Claim Tax Benefits on a Personal Loan

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Personal Loans are popularly known as unsecured loans. This is the best option when you need handful money with no asset to pledge. Typically, a loan being a debt is nontaxable and not considered at the time of IT return filling. Though the personal loan must be sanctioned by an authentic bank/financial institution. This is important because an unidentified source could be accounted for taxes. So, its plausible to declare taxes on personal loans subject to pre-conditions.

It’s almost logical for individuals wishing for fast money to apply for a personal loan. And this can get them to think if there’s any tax benefit on loans? The reply is yes, indeed. This is quite wrapped under the perception that personal loans cannot give you tax benefits. However, it’s good to realize sooner the better.

Pre determinants to Claim Tax Benefits on a Personal Loan

The nature of tax benefits usually depends on the final use of the personal loan. Let’s say if you’ve used the personal loan to make property changes (acquire, construct, repair, or reconstruct a house, etc.), then you can claim tax benefits. Infact, you can also claim benefits if your expenses are proven authentic and can be quantified. The interest paid on personal loans can be easily used for income tax deduction. Ensure to keep you’re all the related documents handy such as labour changes, utility bills etc. They all will help to support valid use of loans for building/ construction of a house. They just help to reinforce your claims.

Correlation between Income tax and personal loans

The Income Tax Rules proclaim that the government admits all kind of loans (used for house purchase, repair or improvement) for tax deductions. Therefore, if you’ve used your personal loans for a similar purpose, then it can be allowed for tax deduction. You can also make down payments with an instant personal loan and claim tax exemption.

However, not all expenditures will be accounted to allow tax rebates. Mostly the tax deduction is relevant to the interest paid on the loan amount, not the principal.

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