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Which is the best app for short term loans in India?

best short term loan app

Every day we hear of people stuck in financial emergencies, however it gets difficult to approach a bank or NBFC for low value personal loans. We can talk about short term loans as a special category of personal loans. This will firstly be less welcomed by banks/ NBFCs and secondly offered by a handful financial institutions. Now this will pop up the question “why” in your head?  Well, most lending institutions and banks demand good credit scores for all lending. And, if you turn lucky then the process will take about 7-10 working days. How can an emergency loan be awaited this long? The disbursal takes another few days. To expedite the process, digital applications have played an instrumental role. This is the best option for those who need funds to quickly fill their financial void.

So what would be better than an instant personal loan at the click of a button without procedural formalities to application. Now imagine an app that offers a loan in the least time frame and that too without any formalities?  It takes minimum documentation and lesser time to provide approval and disbursal. Isn’t that your dream wish as a keen borrower.

With so many digital lending apps available, searching for a quick short term loan is no more tedious now. These apps lend their helping hand by providing short term personal loans to salaried individuals for fast filling of their requirements. This is the primary reason for building popularity of personal loan apps. They focus to deliver quick services to provide money for all urgent needs.

Let’s discuss the best apps for short term loans in India:

Home Credit India – Home Credit App is a leading personal loan app to leap over all your financial hurdles. Instant personal loan is available at 0% processing fees and no collateral security. It is a fully online process with instant approval and disbursal within a day. Our Instant Loan App offers online loan of value between Rs. 25,000 to Rs,2,00,000 at competitive interest rates. Pay easy EMIs starting as low as Rs.1000*. Ease your financial journey with fastest cash loan at coherent terms and conditions.

PaySense – PaySense is a digital lending app which gives out short term personal loans to meet all financial needs of a household. All one needs is to keep KYC documents ready and esign the application for a quick loan.

CASHe – Cashe offers personal loan to individuals with an attractive salary. All young professionals can avail paperless and quick disbursal loans. Upload your recent documents on the app and you’re eligible to have a quick loan.

So, when you’re looking for a short term loans, refer our guidance. Do not be perturbed if you’re rejected by one personal loan app. Ensure to draw a fair comparison and choose the best you can!

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