How to use internet banking safely?

Life has become easy with digital wallets, online payments and everything turning online. Despite of the ease, there is one thing that keeps bothering that is safety. Everyone takes a second while making heavy payments online and ensure whether it is being done rightly with safety ensured. What safety measures should be taken for safe internet banking?
  1. Do not use public wi-fi
Using public internet network or Wi-fi poses risk to the user’s account as the hacker might be using the same connection and platform to hack the personal information. 2. Do not log in to your net banking from public computers It is always wise to not access personal bank accounts from public computers as there is high risk of capturing your login credentials. In case it is essential and it is needed then delete your browsing history and ensure that your account has been logged out properly. 3. Work with genuine anti-virus software in your systems Make sure your laptop or desktop is safe guarded with an anti-virus so that no unwanted applications or cookies get downloaded or restricts your web access. 4. Have transaction notifications activated Make sure you activate your transaction summary notification to keep a regular check. You will receive a message on every transaction and have details related to your transactions. This helps you keep the check on transactions you initiate. In case of any false transactions or fraud you can verify or connect with your bank. 5. Never share your credentials of debit and credit card Never give your card details or ATM pin over a call because your bank never asks for it nor does anyone else has the right to ask the same. Be careful to not ever disclose. 6. Keep changing your net banking password or ATM pin regularly It is a safe practice to keep changing your net banking password and ATM pin regularly this helps your account to stay safe. In case if someone has replicated your credentials, your changing the password will secure your account. 7. Keep checking your account regularly Frequent checking of your bank account helps you track your account and transactions request. You should have a regular check on your expenses and account balance. 8. Operate the net banking with direct URL Do not use your net banking by an indirect link or getting redirected from other link or website as that has an inbound risk of someone else tracking the details, always operate it from the direct link. It is smart to progress with the changing world and technology. With the fast pace technology driven society, we need to match the changes and adapt to move along ahead of times but safety has to be ensured. Being aware of pros and cons of everything and taking the measures is what makes you survive and stay safe at the same time.

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