Best Online Cash loan Providers in India

Typical bank set ups take really long to validate applications and the small lenders charge rate of interest.

In this entire financial scene, instant personal loan applications have come up as a brilliant concept to provide secure and cumbersome financial provision in India. This is just as swift as it can get.

Below are the Best Online Cash Loan Providers in India


Paysense is a company that offers quick loans through online mediums, (including web and mobile both) in India.  Individuals can operate their mobile or computer to check eligibility and then make an application.  The loan is disbursed within no time.

PaySense provides personal loans upto 2 lacs and can be used starting 5000, upto any approved limit. It also offers money at easy EMIs through which users can verify their overall requirement for installments over time. An EMI calculator can also be used for clear calculations.


CASHe is a digital lending platform for short term loans specifically to meet urgent financial needs. It is an application based platform, provided to the service class individuals. You need to deposit documents like salary documents, statements, ID and address proof, PAN card etc.  All the documents need to be uploaded through the online application when applying for a loan.

Customers can also verify their eligibility and interest proportion using a loan calculator. The loan amount can range between 10,000 upto 2 lac within a time span time of half a month to 6 months. The money can be repaid through bank transfers and cheques every month.

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IndiaLends is an application for digital lending and borrowing of fast loans, credit cards in the financial market. IndiaLends has the best offer for loan prospects with personal loans and reasonable interest rates. The loan gets approved and disbursed within 36-48 hours.


From the beginning itself, Dhani was quite popular as the fastest loan provider, that easily credits loan to your account. This personal loan can be approached anytime, anywhere in the world. The amount that can be used falls between 15 lacs with a 12% interest rate.

Just download the IndiaLends application, insert your Aadhaar number and have your loan amount on spot.

This app is believed to be the most advanced in terms of technology and data to improve workflows. It focusses on making the loan application process smoother and simpler.

Capital First Limited

Capital First is a one-stop shop for instant personal loans. This meets all your financial demands within minutes. The company has variable payment periods ranging from 1 lac to 25 lac.

If you are an existing customer, you can easily access your loan account details, statement details and raise service requests. You can also check your outstanding balance and your payment dates.

Home Credit India

Home Credit India is a part of the international Home Credit Group that has a presence across ten countries in Europe and Asia. The India chapter started in 2012 and it already has operations in over 60 cities across 15 states.

The personal loan app sanctions personal loan.

Apply for a Personal Loan Upto Rs.2 Lakhs from Home Credit

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