Home Credit offers personal loan with quick approval and instant disbursal through an Instant Personal Loan App. Our Instant loan App has a PAN India presence that caters to all your needs in just a click of a tab.
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  • Loan Approval in 5 mins
  • No Collateral
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Quick Disbursal
  • EMI starts @ ₹1000*

Documents & Eligibility

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of identity

    PAN Card

  • NetBanking
  • NetBanking


  • Age
  • Age

    Must be above 19 years of Age

  • Income
  • Income

    Minimum 10000/month

  • Residential Address Proof
  • Residential Address Proof

    Indian Citizenship

How to apply


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Home Credit India offers you to apply for the loan through Personal Loan App in just a few simple steps and get approval in 5 mins. Through Home Credit Personal Loan App, you will be able to meet all types of financial needs.

Home Credit Personal Loan can be applied for:

  1. Small Business
  2. Education
  3. Travel
  4. Shopping (Marriage Specifically)
  5. Debt consolidation
  6. Medical Expenses
  7. Home Renovation

How does Home Credit Personal Loan App work?

Below mentioned are the quick & easy steps to avail Instant Personal Loan:

1) Download the Home Credit App

2) Tap on ‘Register & Apply

3) Enter your Email ID

4) Enter Name, Email ID and Mobile no., if you’re not registered via Home Credit website

5) Confirm your Email ID and Mobile no.

6) Click on the Verification Link sent to your Email ID

7) On successful Email Verification, enter OTP to Verify your Mobile no.

8) Set a 4-digit PIN or device lock screen for future purposes.

9) After successful registration, login to start your instant personal loan application

However, before you consider a personal loan, make sure to check your eligibility right. This substantially helps to decide upon appropriate loan amount & tenure, based on your financial capacities.

How do I apply for a Home Credit Personal Loan?

Applying for a Home Credit personal loan through our Instant Loan App has revolutionized the way funds were previously looked at reasonably affordable rates of interest.

Personal Loan Apps have come out as the recommended choice for easy funds & instant money transfers. This involves very little documentation & quick clicks on the App. Loan Apps help you to make fast submission of your loan application while maintaining its sanctity & transparency. These Instant Loan apps in India, allow you to complete all the loan steps, from beginning till end in a much convenient digital manner.

Personal Loan Application

Whether you need funds for marriage, tour & travel, shopping, home renovation, or repay your investments, Home Credit Quick Loan App can turn out effective.

This kind of loan is free of security collateral and guarantee for quick conversion. The documentation is complete after uploading 2 scanned copies only.

This is much easier as compared to physically going to a bank & taking the manual effort. Our personal loan amount ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs.2,00,000.

Documents & Eligibility

To apply for an instant personal loan:

1. Age must be 19 years or above, holding an Indian citizenship

2. Earn a steady monthly income of Rs. 10,000 or over

3. Carry a valid residential proof of address

4. Have a savings account with active Netbanking

5. Use a valid proof of identity like PAN card

Your Personal loan application will be rejected if you:

1. Apply for a loan amount much higher than your annual remuneration

2. Have an extremely low credit score

3. Do not have proper ID proofs in order

4. Choose an inappropriate loan tenure & inaccurate EMIs

5. Fail to complete the loan application process successfully

Why Home Credit has the best instant loan app?

Home Credit is a trustworthy brand in the NBFC domain. Customers have built long term relationship with Home Credit for their seamless processes & quality of services (24*7 customer service).

It promises to deliver viable financial solutions at every step of the customer journey.

Below are a few USPs of Home Credit Loan App:

1. Offers personal loan at competitive interest rates

2. Customizes quick cash to suit your immediate and long term needs

3. Does not require additional security to get a Home Credit Personal Loan

4. Works in the real time manner for increased visibility

5. Backed by robust technology (Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning)

Our Instant Loan App Personal Loan enables you to pick a suitable loan amount, time period and EMI value as per insufficiencies at hand.

Why to Choose a Personal Loan for your special needs?

1. Offerings are Instant to customers to hang on

2. Tried & tested loans

3. Disbursal amount falls between Rs 25,000 up to Rs 2,00,000.

4. Tenure of personal loans ranges from 1.5 years to 4 years.

5. Simple process & quick loan application

The online loan application has been made easier and simpler for a personal loan.

Home Credit allows you to apply for the loan in just a few simple steps and connect whenever you want.

You can find the best loan offers, attractive discounts and reasonable interest rates using Home Credit Mobile App.

Safety & Security

Home Credit extends utmost importance to safety & security concerns of our customer, related to Mobile App functionalities. Our Instant Loan App may ask for transactional SMS with your consent from your mobile no. to offer you the most suitable loan. All information is significant to work out your credit score & then estimate your best offer.

The Loan amount range from ₹25,000 to ₹2,00,000 and annual Interest rates vary from 19% - 49%. Loan duration range from 6 - 36 months. The processing fee is 0% to 5%, Value Added Services (VAS), fees for the same shall be levied additionally. REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: For a loan of ₹25,000 granted at an Annual Interest rate of 19% for a tenure of 12 months, then the overall amount payable will be ₹29750* only. Note: *These numbers are indicative and subject to change from time to time. Further, final interest rate or processing fee may vary from one user to another depending on his/her credit assessment.