Refer your friends and family for a Personal Loan & Ujjwal Card and earn extra money with zero investment.

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  • Easy & Convenient to earn money
  • No Employees Required
  • Flexible Work Timings
  • No Initial Investment required
  • Earn extra rewards on each disbursal
refoearn offers


refoearn offers

How it works?

  1. Download RefOEarn Mobile App:
  2. Register and enter relevant personal details
  3. Start Referrals
  4. Get disbursed every month
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FAQ - RefOEarn

How to add a lead?
Tap on "Add Lead" icon in footer from the dashboard menu, this will take you to "Add lead form". You can either fill the details manually or import through contacts saved on the device. Select the 'Product', for which lead is required to be added. Once all the required details are filled, tap the 'Add Lead' button.
What is a follow-up lead?
Follow-up is a feature designed to help you in scheduling reminder for a particular date and time. It can be Added while adding a lead and can also be updated from the Contact Card by selecting follow-up option. You can select the desired date with remarks (if required).
What is the contact card?
Contact Card is the overall view for the added lead. This space displays all the details added for the lead.
How to close a follow-up lead?
This is applicable only for the leads where follow-up is set. Once you select follow-up icon on contact card, you have an option to either close or Update the follow-up. Selecting the close button will remove the follow-up from the lead however lead will still be a part of active lead list.
What is a Service Request?
Service request is feature through which you can ask to update your existing verified details. The feature is available under Hamburger menu on Dashboard.
What all details can be updated as part of Service Request?
"You can raise Service Request to update: 1. PAN 2. Mobile Number 3. Paytm Number 4. Proof Of Identity 5. Proof Of Address 6. Correspondence Address"
How to find existing leads?
Existing leads can be viewed by selecting Leads Overview Section on the Dashboard. Leads overview section will have leads across products with different filters. Leads can be further filtered based on the status.
Where to find communication details of the added lead?
After selecting Leads Overview section on the Dashboard, tap one of the leads to open the contact card. It displays all the contact details of the lead along with Communication History and follow-up.
What is monthly lead status?
Monthly lead status will show all the leads bifurcated into added and converted. If we click on any particular month, it will show you all the leads added in that month in one tab and in the other tab it will display all the leads converted in that particular month.
How to call lead?
To call the lead, please follow the steps: Tap on Active Lead tile on dashboard > Select the particular lead from the list > Tap the call option available on contact card.
How to send product related messages?

Tap on Message icon on the dashboard, Select one of the communication types among WhatsApp, SMS and Email. In next screen, after selecting one of the available templates, you will be redirected to contact list and relevant lead can be selected to send specific product link.

I am unable to onboard and not getting OTP?
Please ensure the following things: 1. Number you are using while onboarding is personal 2. You’re in network zone 3. You have allowed application to access your location & send SMS
I want to add my Paytm Number?
1. "Paytm number can be added from two screens: 2. Click on the confirm Paytm link on Dashboard 3. Go to My profile section to add the Paytm Number"
I want to change my Paytm Number
Tap on hamburger Menu, Click Service Request and enter the new Paytm number, verify it with OTP, your Paytm Number will be updated
Can I change my Mobile number used while onboarding?
Tap on hamburger Menu, Click Service Request and confirm the new Mobile number, verify it with OTP, your Registered Mobile Number will be updated
Who all can be added as a lead?
Any Indian individual from 18-65 years without any legal records can be added as a Lead and are eligible for the loan.
I added a follow up on lead, but not able to find it?
"Tap on Follow up today tile on dashboard and you will find the list of leads with due follow up date. In case, the follow up date has passed, you need to add new follow up date for the lead"
Can I see the lead added or got converted 3 months ago?
Tap on Converted Lead board on dashboard, there you can find the historical data for lead added & converted.
I added a lead sometime ago, how can I see the lead status?
Tap on Active Lead status on dashboard, search by Lead Name or Mobile Number, you will see the Lead Status.
How to call lead?
Tap on Active Lead tile on dashboard, Select the particular lead from the list, Tap the call option available on contact card to call the lead.
How can I communicate with Lead ?
You can communicate with leads with various modes available within the app: 1. WhatsApp 2. SMS 3. Email 4. Call
From where I can see the call log history?
Tap on ‘Call’ icon in footer and under Recent Tab you will find the list of leads contacted recently

About RefOEarn

Home Credit introduces a golden chance to make more money with zero funding, available 24*7 at your fingertips. Start by referring RefOEarn to fellow associate/co-worker/friend people interested in taking a Personal loan and Ujjwal Card. Every referral will give you commission when they get their loan disbursed. If you’re an Indian citizen & 18+ years, you’re eligible to earn income through RefOEarn program.


  • Easy & convenient to earn money
  • Flexible work timings
  • No employees required
  • There is no initial investment required.
  • No physical office required
How does it Work?

  • Download RefOEarn App from the Play Store
  • Register and enter relevant personal details
  • Start Referrals
  • Raise Pay Out Bills
Earn extra money by referring your friends for:

  1. Personal Loan
  • Marriage Expenses
  • Home Renovation
  • Small Business
  • Higher Studies
  • Medical Emergency
  • Debt Consolidation
  1. Ujjwal Card
Home Credit Personal Loan Details:

  • Loan Range: ₹25,000 - ₹2,00,000
  • Loan Tenure: 6 months - 36 months
  • Annual Interest Rates: Varies from 24.0%-49.0%
  • Processing fee: Varies from 0% - 5%
  • If customers apply for any Value Added Services, fees for the same shall be levied additionally
Representative example:

For a loan of ₹ [10,000] granted at an Annual Interest rate of [24] % for a tenure of [12] months, then the overall interest payable will be ₹ [2400] only.

These numbers are indicative and subject to change from time to time. Further, final interest rate or processing fee may vary from one user to another based on the credit assessment.

Certainly, there are several benefits of trying out RefOEarn, especially if you’re a fan of work from home opportunities. Let’s assume, you’re a part timer, RefOEarn presents a good opportunity to earn more at the comfort of your house. If you’ve been recently struggling with financial hurdles, then this can level up your income/savings. The RefOEarn team ensures to deliver a clear, trustworthy & seamless platform for everyone out there.

We choose to provide financial solutions which can fulfil your financial aspirations, on-spot. So, if you know prospective borrowers around us, connect them with us as a ‘lead’. And as turn we pay you a commission which is your legit extra income. Just stay mindful that you help us successfully convert the referred lead.