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Typically, you opt for a home loan to buy a property or build a house on it. There can also be times when your house needs a touchup, and then again your home loan backs. It can be a renovation, extension or repairs to the existing property. So even before we contemplate the idea of a home loan, it’s better to evaluate your total eligibility and repayment capabilities.

What happens when you’re buying a brand new house?

  • Try a Top Up loan for Home Improvement

When you’re buying a brand new house, a house improvement loan is not even a possibility. This is considered logical because your house is too damn new to be changed. Infact, even if you try to apply for a loan, your request will be turned down. It is already in the best state. After years/months if your house looks to be in a wearing off state, then a top up loan can be easily tried. Most times, the top up loans are credited directly to the dealer/ contractors account, limiting your control over the transferred amount. The control angle can be major in situations where the house owner wishes to use money as per will.

If a top up loan does not fulfil your expectations, then it’s good to approach different lenders for home improvement. Home Credit Offers Home renovation personal loan upto 2 lacs. Our loan process is completely online get quick instant disbural loan directly into bank account.

It works similar to personal loans though, without a collateral asset in exchange. However, since a personal loan is unsecure, it is charged at a higher rate of interest. This is not comparable to home loans which are the least expensive.

A personal loan for Home Improvement is already raising the bar. It can easily be applied unlike home loans. Instant personal loans by Home Credit have interest rates at par along with 0% processing fees. It can easily be applied through the Home Credit App. Quickly download the App, and follow a few simple steps to complete your application request.

With an established market share, HomeCredit is captivating 200+ regions in the country. The personal loans are quickly approved and disbursed online.

Why Home Credit?

One of the leading most NBFCs in the market, and serve 3.5 million customers already.

1.We do not need property, apartments, individual house, built or not built against a personal loan.

2.We like to keep your financial transactions simple and clear. So, we do not want you to bargain for processing fees as well.

  1. there are also no hidden charges to be taken care of.

4.the EMIs can be paid at Rs.1000 onwards, with a suitable repayment tenure.

In an ideal situation, if you meet the eligibility criteria well then you reapply to meet further needs. The second loan can be availed from the previous lending institution or another. A personal loan and a home loan can be taken at the same time if you qualify well.

How about loan against property?

A few suggest to take loan against property, as per the financial needs per se.  A loan against property can be suitable for home purchasing and home enhancement.

To sum up, a home improvement is unfeasible along with a home loan!

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