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Effective Ways to Bifurcate your Business and Personal Finances

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A few things never go well together, like oil and water. Similarly, personal finances and your business funds cannot be mixed. If you keep clarity on these grounds, then it will be much easier to manage your financial worries. Although, it’s difficult to put set our article into motion. How best to bifurcate the major […]

Distinguish between business loan and micro loan

business loan vs micro loan

The difference between a business loan and micro loan lies in the scope of the two. Any micro finance is an individualistic outlook to provide financial services to the less privileged or new business startups who do not have the capacity to approach mainstream sources. On the other hand, micro finance talks about an ecosystem or […]

Can a Person get a Business loan for Starting a Blog Website?

Under the most general cases, lending institutions provide specific personal loans for working capital, property purchases, financing home improvements, inventory stock, so on and so forth. However, if your plan is to start small, then it’s quite simple to have a personal loan approved. If you’re sure of getting revenues out of your small beginning, […]