Empty Wallet-don't break your piggy bank & fixed deposits

Empty Wallet-don't break your piggy bank & fixed deposits

While it is true that we definitely learn from our mistakes, but a mistake every time cannot give you again an option to stand. And especially when it is something related to financial part, it hurts and probably a lot. In order to avoid such mistakes, it is very essential to do your calculations right and think twice before taking any financial risks. Since money tends to grow, investment in the right track will make the amount huge and quite easily.
The Tips
Especially the newbie’s in the financial world, with an access to some money, mistakes happen due to poor calculations and spending it in improper ways. While making a loss financially can end up in losing most of your savings, be very careful when you’re spending.
The list here emphasizes on some of the common mistakes that is predominant and can be seen very frequently.

  1. Excessive Spending: Every penny is earned after toiling hard and putting lot of your efforts and hence every single penny counts. It is a common feature to order some expensive food or some clothing lines, just for the sake of your wish and not actually as the situation demands. While all these expenses are pretty overlooked and quite considered a part of life, these wrong investments in the long run will leave you penniless to do a savings for the upcoming feature. A tip here- always save first an amount every month and then think of extra investments. This way even if you’re spending excessively, your future will be fully secured.


  1. Using Credit Cards: The use of credit card should be used more to buy the essential things of life. But it is a pretty rare sight and maximum of its usage is done in buying things that is not actually needed. Hence, resulting in huge debt over the period of time. And if you’ve a tendency of not repaying the amount on time, the added interest will make it tenfold. So, using a credit card for an essential and emergency situation should be kept in mind.


  1. Monthly Payments: If you have a monthly EMI, make it your priority and repay it as soon as you get the salary. Every month on time will ultimately help you in repayment of your loan and lingering on this will just add to the principle amount. Live a simple life if you have financial crunches, but never miss a month.


  1. Using Money against Your House: This is yet another biggest mistakes that individual does. Risking the house for a loan and not paying on time can make you homeless. So if you are up for a loan against your property, make some calculations before approaching.


  1. Overspending On Property: So, if a car is in your mind or a new house, try to own it as much as you can effort. Overdoing than your capacity can lead you in dangerous situations. If decorating the interior of your new property, do it slowly and just don’t hurry up. The same applies for a car; choose the model which you can buy conveniently.

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