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Home Credit – Your One Stop Solution to Online Loans

your one stop solution to online loans

There are a plethora of loans out in the market to cater to specific needs. If one wants to buy a car, there is a car loan. If one wants to buy high-end home appliances, then there is home-appliance loan for that. However, there are several reasons where we need an amount not large enough to take big loans, but neither are they small to fund from our own savings, thus comes a personal loan into the picture. Picturing a loan, one may see huge queues, a number of documents, trips in and out of banks, thereby making the whole process cumbersome. This is when Home Credit brings to you a user-friendly approach to applying for these loans from the comfort of your home by going online!

Home Credit Offers Loan Online

What are online loans?

Basically, online loan is a method of applying for a loan by logging into a website through internet and doing all the formalities such as filling up form, uploading documents without stepping out of your door.

What are the merits of online loans?

The whole procedure of going online and applying for loans is hassle-free since most of us have an experience of booking movie, plane or train tickets, streaming movies, buying from online ecommerce sites, transferring money through net-banking. In short, virtually all our day to day activities are done online. So, it is only a matter of time when loans are taken online. Some of the merits are as follows,

  • The processing takes hardly few hours, no need to wait for days.
  • Improvement of credit score.
  • No tedious paperwork.
  • Nominal interest rates starting from 7%.

What is Home Credit?

Home Credit India is currently located in 89 cities across 19 states in the country. It has had more than 40 lakh happy customers catered by a devoted staff of 17,000 employees. Recognized by Aon Hewitt as a Regional AON Best Employer 2017 for employer excellence, one of their USP’s is the Mini-Loan which offers a loan as low as Rs.10,000!

What about my Credit Score?

Traditionally, a number of banks go through the credit score, which may hamper one’s chances of getting the loan. However, in case of a financial institution like Home Credit, they will just ask for valid identification proof, do some verification and you shall be good to go. They also have a helpline number to help you with all the process and clarifications.

Where to apply for online loan?

Home Credit is a user-friendly platform to get your loans approved. They have options galore, depending upon your requirements. Following loans are available:

  • Laptop Loan
  • Mini Cash Loan
  • Mobile Phone Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • Home Appliance Loan

What is the repayment process?

Home Credit has an option of Auto-debit from bank account each month and online fund transfers. One can even try out their cash payment option from a kiosk.

One of the biggest advantages of such online fast loans is that they are “unsecured”. “Unsecured loans” mean that one does not need to put any of his precious collateral get a loan. Once the loan is approved, it will be deposited directly into the savings account. Thus, online loans not only are simple in nature, but also a great way of fulfilling your bucket-list, which is just a mouse click away!

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