How to apply for Short Term Loan in India?

Apply for a quick short term personal loan If you meet the eligibility conditions, get an approved loan and withdraw immediate funds from the account. In case you have sufficient balance in your account, start paying back before closure once. Alternatively,
  1. Expand your credit card/account limit
  2. Withdraw as much as required at a certain point in time
  3. Reciprocate as per the set limit of your account
So, what are the possible choice of short term loans (Repayable within 90 days)? Below are the categorized short term loans that one can avail:
  • Unsecured financing options: One can use their credit card to get a personal loan, in sync with your credit limit. Your limit decides your interest rate and principle amount too.
  • Bridge loans: Bridge loan is one unheard source of short term loans; however, it can be used for meeting short term working capital needs.
  • Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL): This personal loan can be procured against your estimated tax refund.
  • Payday loans: Payday loans are provided based the repayment clause of repayment the next pay day. They are acquired in smaller amounts as they are unsecure in nature.
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