How to break the Credit Cards addiction? 9 Action Steps

credit cards addiction

Are you carrying multiple credit cards in your wallet? If yes, then you’re no less than a credit addict. You’re bold, risky averse & experiential in life. This is the clearest sign of your madness for credit.

According to a general survey, there are too many credit card users than ever. And this is plainly the average. It’s quite easy to understand how many are the actual numbers. And this is besides the count of instant personal loans, car loans, education loans and home mortgages.

Below are the things which reveal that you’re a credit addict and you must be aware:

  1. Living in a denial

Denial in life can be hurtful for a smooth financial journey. If you’re clueless about your outstanding balances and minimum payments, then take a moment to wake up to your denial.

  1. You feel incomplete without credit cards

Did you ever feel a void without a credit card in your pocket? This could be when you lost or dropped your credit card. Does it make you feel incomplete, as if you do not have enough cash in hand?

  1. You keep applying for new credit cards

Are you not stopping to fill credit card applications?  You fill out every possible application for the heck of it. Perhaps you get intrigued by the offers & benefits so much so that you couldn’t resist.

  1. You choose each & every way to pay bills

Have you been choosing high interest credit cards to pay off your outstanding bills? This is one of the riskier steps to take. If you’re making use of credit cards to make basic bills, then you’re a credit addict.

  1. You do not worry about hike in charges or fees

You are much aware about the increase in the credit card related charges, however you choose to ignore it. You do not care about the hikes, you only care about the credit transfers oblivious of the exorbitant interest rates/charges.

  1. You do not speak about your debt liabilities

You totally avoid talking about your credit cards & loans. Every time the topic of debt liabilities come up, you try to dismiss. Do you hide away your credit card bills when they reach your place? Or any communication for that matter. How is how addicts behaving to keep away from the reality.

  1. You cannot resist good offers or deals

Whenever you see good offers or deals, you cannot avoid taking up the deal. Even if that means using your hard earned cash or swiping the card. You just have to make a buy like a hopeless narcissist. You can’t let go off good offers.

  1. You have limited cash resources

You’ve changed your ideologies related to greater savings for future. You like to earn and spend at the same point. Why save so much when you can use a card to get done with your shopping.

  1. You’ve maxed out all your cards

This is the last and final time that portrays your love for credit cards. If not for an emergency, it’s absolutely stupid to max out your cards. You must learn to master self-control & not think about excessive debts.

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