How to know if I am Eligible for a loan?

Want a loan but worried about your eligibility? There are ways to know if you are eligible to avail a loan. You can check it online and know the factors that contribute to the eligibility of the loan. Here are some of the factors that decides the eligibility of the loan for any individual.

Credit score and history – Credit score that is based on your credit behavior and history contributes a lot in availing loan advances. Your debt handling, money management and repayment pattern shapes your credit score and history and helps in loan eligibility. Better the credit score, high probability of getting a loan.

Employment – Your employment type also is a major eligibility criterion for a loan since the repayment plans rely on your employment.

Income – Income is another major factor on giving a loan. Your income decides your repayment capacity, therefore, your eligibility to get a loan.

Repayment plan – A well planned repayment plan is looked forward by the lender.

Documentation – Paperwork plays a major role in loan advances. The accurate you are with your paperwork, your eligibility to get a loan is high. Be ready with all the relevant documents and getting a loan is easy!

Age – Age is also considered while offering a loan. More the experience, higher the chances of getting a loan.

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Loan eligibility depends and differs on other various other factors like the profession, geographical location, financial liabilities, assets of the borrower, profile and position in the company. All the factors combine and contribute to shape the loan offer. The loan amount, tenure and EMIs etc. are designed basis the background of the borrower, employment type, type of profession, position, financial status and credit history.

The easiest ways nowadays to check your eligibility to get a loan are online eligibility calculators that estimate your eligibility basis the information you feed in to the system. In order to know your CIBIL also you have calculators that give you an assumption as to what your score is and whether it is healthy or not. Checking your eligibility only gives you a fair idea as to whether you can get easy loans or not and also provides you a rough idea of the loan amount that can be offered comfortably by the lender.

Having certain things in place can get you easy loans. Nowadays online loans have made the life even easier. You can calculate the EMIs you can afford easily and decide on the loan offer that you need. Online loans are available easily with minimal documentations simple steps and disbursal within a day. To avail loans online, you must be above 19 years of age, with a regular income credited in to your account, Identity proof, income proof and net banking facility to receive the loan amount directly into your valid bank account.

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