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Get Easy, Instant Personal Loan in Jaipur. Available upto 2 Lacs at 0% Processing Fees. Home Credit offers instant online Personal Loans in Jaipur to salaried & self-employed. Personal loans in Jaipur at competitive interest rates with quick & easy loan approval.

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Why Home Credit?

  • Instant Online Approval
  • Zero Processing Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Minimum Documentation
  • Easy Application Process

All About Personal Loan - Jaipur

Home Credit Personal Loan in Jaipur is available from Rs. 25,000 upto Rs. 2 lakhs at an affordable interest rate. You can apply online and time your EMIs as per convenience.  Make life simple with online cash loan and ease your financial stress.

Choose wisely your personal loan provider in Jaipur. Home Credit ensures that your loan application experience is easy and seamless.  You can easily avail upto 2 lakhs to meet a wide spectrum of purposes. Personal loan in Jaipur eases the cash requirement in the time of financial crunch. Purposes are borne out of needs, be it a family wedding, higher education, unexpected tours, house renovation, new material pursuits, etc. In a city like Jaipur where the cost of living is rising high, it is important to have financial aid.

A long list of personal loans is available e.g. marriage loan, travel loan, home renovation loan, two-wheeler loan, education loan and more. So, explore your best choice of loan available in the expensive city of Jaipur. Live your life peacefully, without financial worries!

Personal loans in Jaipur are picking up pace to meet all uninvited demands of the prospective borrower.  With the considerable leap in the living standards, Jaipur needs a sigh of relief. Our easy personal loan helps the individual to cope with the situation at the time of financial crises. Online personal loans in Jaipur is offered to a person in crisis, depends on the income levels, CIBIL score, scope of repayment and history of past employment of the borrower.

For places like Jaipur, there is a huge market of financial assistance and growing banking sector. Instant personal loans are readily available. It is always wise to read the market standards and finalize your loan amount.


  • Quick Disbursal
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Loan upto ₹2 Lakhs
  • 0% Processing Fees
  • EMI as low as ₹1000*
  • Instant Online Approval


  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of identity

    PAN Card

  • NetBanking
  • NetBanking

    Must Required

  • Age
  • Age

    Must be above 19 years of Age

  • Income
  • Income

    Minimum 10000/month

  • Residential Address Proof
  • Residential Address Proof

    Indian Citizenship

How to Apply?

Download the Home Credit App & Register

Visit our website to download Home Credit App and register with relevant personal details.

Complete full KYC for Quick Approval

After evaluation of your eligibility, physically visit our scheduled KYC center with ready KYC documents.

Wait for Final Approval & Disbursement

After loan approval, money will be immediately disbursed into your account.

Download the Home Credit App

Get the hassle free Personal Loan with 0% Processing Fees

Download the Home Credit App


Am I eligible to take a loan?

If you are an Indian citizen above the age of 19 years, with a source of income and with valid identity and address proof, you can apply for a loan with Home Credit.

I’ve never taken a loan before, can I apply for a loan with Home Credit?

Yes! Home Credit does not require you to have previously taken a loan, either from Home Credit or from any other bank/ institution.

I do not have a credit card. Can I apply for a loan with Home Credit?

Yes! Home Credit does not require you to have a Credit Card to apply for a loan.

What documents do I need to apply for a Home Credit loan?

To apply for a Home Credit loan, all you need is a valid address and identity proof document and in certain cases, valid income proof.

Where do I apply for a loan from Home Credit?

Easy! Just look out for the Home Credit representative at the store while you’re purchasing your home appliances, mobile phones or even two wheelers and we’ll take you through the process smoothly.

How long does it take to get a loan?

It takes only 10 minutes for the Home Credit representative to check your Home Credit loan eligibility and an additional 20 minutes for processing of the loan at the in-store Home Credit counter.

Do I have an option of pre-payment/ foreclosure of my loan?

Yes. Home Credit gives you the option to pre-pay and close your loan before its term ends by paying the pre-closure charge.

Can I take multiple loans from Home Credit?

We have the policy of one loan per application. Post successful relationship with Home Credit for a minimum period of 90 days, you can apply for another loan with us.

Can I change my loan due date?

No. Your first due date is system-generated to 30 days from the date you sign the loan contract. Thereafter, your monthly EMI will be due each month on the same date through the tenure of your loan.

How can I make my EMI payments?

You can make your monthly EMI payments through ECS/ Direct Debit, online payment or by requesting a pick-up of cash at your convenience! For more details on EMI payment options and associated charges.

What happens if I don’t pay my EMI on time?

Home Credit will levy Late Payment Charges if an EMI is not received on or before the respective due date.

   Stage Late Payment Charges
1 Day After Due Date Rs 350
30 Day After Due Date Rs 800
60 Day After Due Date Rs 1350
90 Day After Due Date Rs 2100
What will happen if I fail to maintain sufficient funds in my account to pay the monthly instalment?

Your account will not be debited in such cases. You may be charged a fee as per your respective bank's terms. You will have to pay the monthly instalment via other payment modes as listed on our website on the following link –

About Jaipur

Jaipur, one of the most popular tourist destination in India. Popularly known as the pink city, the people have various tourist attractions like forts and palaces built in an ancient style. There has been lot of enhancement in term of living lifestyles as a result improvement in facilities. With growing demands, people have got chance for business establishment. To meet the business requirement, there have been high rise demand of personal loans in Jaipur.

Personal loan is an unsecured amount of loan borrowed by an individual at the time of uninvited or uninformed urgency that demands immediate finances. Personal loan amount offered to a person in need depends on the income, CIBIL score, the scope of repayment and history of employment of the customer. The loan amount decides the rate of interest and the EMI amount. It is a common product that is available across the country. For places like Jaipur, it is a market of financial aid and place for tourism, instant cash loan is easily available.

Scope of Home Credit Personal Loan

Home Credit is a pioneering NBFC in the financial market. We serve Pan India, with an overall coverage of 300+ regions and growing. So even if you are looking for a personal loan online, you can easily find us on online platforms. Just apply in times of emergency, and we will be obliged to serve you! We try to cover a large periphery of area within our serviceable quota, so you could reach u anytime, anywhere!many places in our serviceable area, you can reach us anytime anywhere. Search for Instant cash loan online and Home Credit will rank on top to meet your need for a personal loan!